English Listening Practice: Dictation

Practice your English listening skills with this dictation!

What you need:

  • a place to take notes
  • something to take notes with
  • headphones or speakers

Listen to the recording as many times as you need. Try to write down what you hear.

Here’s the recording:

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How to Study English When You Have No Time

You want to learn English so badly, but you’re struggling to organize your time or even to have enough free time to study? Have no fear! I’m here to help!

So, you really have like no time?

Yeah, I believe it because – guess what – me neither! I know how it is to be up and at ’em from the moment the alarm rings in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night.

But, you really do have time. All you need to do is fill in the little gaps, like ice cream after after a big meal as my grandpa used to say.

Double down on your downtime

Even if your days are so hectic, you don’t even have a normal schedule, you still have daily habits that you can hijack to essentially double down on your downtime.

  • Dental hygiene time? Listen to a short podcast.
  • Doing a #2? Review vocabulary.
  • Taking a shower? Talk to yourself – what can you see, feel, hear? What are your plans for the day or what have you done that day already?
  • Monotonous household chores? Flip on the English YouTube channel.
  • Long commute? English radio!
  • Watching Netflix? Switch the language to English (at least do subtitles).
  • Reading the news? Find an English version of your favorite news site.
  • Grabbing lunch from a touristic part of your city? Order your food in English.
  • Surfing the social nets? Change your social media accounts to the English versions. Follow & like people and organizations that post in English to get more English on your feed.

Can you imagine all the English practice you’d get each day if you did just these 9 things?

The Most Important Step…

Before you start on your re-energized English learning mission, you must do this very important step: MAKE A PLAN.

You NEED to make a study plan in order to make this happen. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time searching for a good podcast than you will on the porcelain throne and feel like you’re wasting you time, am I right?

So, here are the 3 magic steps:

  1. Come up with a list of good resources that are bite-size and engaging to you.
  2. Download them all on your phone or tablet or laptop – whatever device you use for each “downtime” activity.
  3. Make it a habit. Every time you pick up that toothbrush, have your podcast ready to play. Just 10 minutes per day is better than 1 hour per week!